King Street Industrial Estate Email Marketing Tips II

Last week King Street Industrial Estate posted about how email marketing is a good step into the digital realm so after being asked further questions we thought we’d follow up with a more in depth look at email content and audiences.

Targeting Emails
Avoid being vague e.g “Dear customer” and use the data collected to include a contact name. Personalising a communications will increase reader engagement and also the likelihood of a response.

Further personalise emails using the data you have collected on a contact such as locations, interests or product preferences. The level of personalisation and its success is industry specific so carry out testing to discover what works.

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Subject Line
Subject lines need to compel a recipient to open an email, a good subject line is essential to a high open rate. It should never be a one off and will always need to change per campaign.

Consider your own inbox and what would get your attention; repetitive content won’t get your attention so keep you subject line fresh and test different lines.
Subject lines need to be impossible to resist so offer a benefit, promise or challenge the reader.

During a busy day in the office how much time do you have to read through emails? Most people who receive an email won’t spend long reading it so once the subject line is good come up good, concise copy that is broken down into sub headings.

Sent From Name
The sent from name will also have a big impact on your open rate. You can use either a brand name or a known contact’s name. In our experience it’s better to opt for a brand name on mass mail outs initially, only adding a known name once a recipient has engaged with an email.

Calls to Action
Calls to action are what turns an open into a click through and more likely to become a conversion. It should stop a contact just reading your email and then closing it.

The success of calls to action depends on your industry and audience. You should test different wordings, offers and images. You should also experiment with different positions for calls to actions as well as graphic links instead of text links.

The call to action doesn’t always have to be online but can be a freephone number for a prospect to contact.

You should follow up contacts who have engaged with your email by a triggered email campaign, a mail shot or a phone call.

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Landing Pages
You need to make sure the page a contact is landing on is relevant. Avoid sending them to your homepage and send them to a page build specifically or a page of related content and you’ll find they stay longer and are more likely to convert. Good landing pages will mean a good return on investment with email marketing.

Similar to other email elements, send time is subjective. You can capture contact preference during your data build or with a follow up email to ensure your recipients are getting what they want, when they want it. If you haven’t collected preference data then consider the industry and think what time is best for you to receive an email. First thing on a Monday morning isn’t ideal but it’s worth testing different times depending on the audience.

Emails will always be an effective way of communicating with your target audience and growing your business. Mobile technology ensures most contacts will have their email at hand so no matter where they are you will almost certainly reach them but you have to work hard to ensure once it has reached them that they open it.

For your Peterborough, Stamford or Bourne based business to benefit from out digital expertise then consider an industrial space, small warehouse or workshop at the King Street Industrial Estate.

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